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CBEFROT was established in 2007 with one goal in mind: To make the life of IT and Development managers easier so that they could focus on the right things. It all started when a client called our founder asking for help. His project was running behind because of a development company that dropped the ball. Form that point, we understood that security is more than just protecting a project or emails form hackers. It is about helping our clients so that they can focus on their priority including family and personal time! 

We have presence in California, New York, Massachusetts, and Missouri. In each and every place, our goal is to help not to sell. 

Our clients

Our clients are mid to large companies including global publishing companies, financial institutions, and healthcare entities. To serve and focus better, we handle companies with 1000+ email boxes and employees. 

What we do

No jargons or promises!
While many are focused on selling, we're focused to see which security solution best matches your needs even if you do not become our client. Our discovery and research come at no additional cost to you. You only pay for the solution. 

Here is how we work:

  • Set up a meeting to go over your needs
  • We evaluate which security platforms would be the best fit
  • We get the best option for you that matches your need
  • We are your advocates with the vendors, making sure that they provide what you need